One day, while browsing a local market in Seattle, we bonded over our desire to wear Desi jewelry with our everyday western clothes. We wanted stunning jewelry that made a statement while versatile enough to wear with anything. Our journey with Kaju Studios is a testament to our belief that our diverse identities can exist harmoniously. By the end of our day at the market, we had a mission and a commitment to building a business.

We named the brand Kaju Studios in a homage to our favorite Desi treat, Kaju Katli. As a bonus, Kaju Katlis are shiny and shaped like diamonds! ;)

Meet Tara:

Howdy! My name is Tara and I'm from Austin, Texas. I went to UT Austin with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Art History. I moved to Seattle in 2022 after accepting a job offer to work in tech and quickly realized that I wanted to pursue more creative endeavors.
I co-founded a beauty brand called Kailav Beauty (rebranded from Musée Beauty) in 2019 with my sister. From this journey I learned so much about starting a business in all respects, and I wanted to apply this knowledge to a new venture. 

Daivi was one of my first friends I made in Seattle, and I admired how she incorporated Desi jewelry into her day-to-day wear. As soon as I thought of the concept of creating high quality, Desi-inspired jewelry, I pitched her the idea, and she loved it! We've been off to the races ever since.

When creating pieces for this collection, every design choice was intentional and thoughtfully chosen. I never want to create jewelry I wouldn't personally want to wear, and I wanted to be able to imagine a wide breadth of people from all backgrounds wearing the jewelry with pride. 

Thank you for checking out our brand! We have so many exciting things in store so we hope you stick around :)

Meet Daivi:

My name is Daivi Patel! My hometown is Aurora, Colorado, and I'm currently living in Seattle, Washington. I have a degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. I have always loved jewelry. On any given day, even if I was dressed in sweats, I would make sure that my jewelry was a 10 because it could add intrigue.

Tara approached me with the idea for this business in 2023, and I fell in love with it. It has taken me years to find space and balance for both my South Asian heritage and my American nationality.

What sets our jewelry apart is its high quality and hypoallergenic properties. As somebody who frequently experiences allergic reactions to jewelry, I take pride in the fact that our pieces can be worn daily without any fear of discomfort or skin irritation. To ensure this, I personally tested our jewelry by wearing it continuously for over a month! Moreover, high-quality jewelry is deeply ingrained in South Asian culture. I am thrilled to incorporate this aspect into our Indo-Western collection, offering a unique blend of quality and cultural aesthetics.

Thank you for taking the time to take a look at our pieces, I am so excited to share our work with you!